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Elsewhere 3D
Frames and App
— $50 —
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Elsewhere makes videos and screens 3D.
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It uses a new kind of video-processing that converts motion into depth.

It works on any moving image, from iPhone footage to animated GIFs.


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Put them on your phone, open the app, and look through.

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Elsewhere has two main features:

  1. ETRO bumbag amp; Blue ETRO amp; Rucksack bumbag Rucksack screens appear 3D
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  3. you can watch video recorded or saved to your camera roll in immersive 3D


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When you look at the real world through Elsewhere, everything is somehow more 3D.

Everything in the conference room around me seemed to gain another dimension.

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Walk around your house for an uncanny free trip that feels, at times, somehow more 3D than actual reality.
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I sat in the lobby of a fancy San Francisco hotel looking around slack-jawed... you feel like... you’re Eleven in Stranger Things, standing in the dark nothingness of the Upside Down, looking at something miles away.

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Elsewhere also makes screens 3D.

Try watching: YouTube, Netflix, Skype, trippy GIFs, mirrors.

Other features:

  • Tap to focus camera
  • Swipe up for more 3D, down for less 3D
  • Slide finger left and right to adjust contrast/depth of field

Rucksack amp; bumbag ETRO Blue ETRO bumbag amp; Rucksack


Elsewhere makes every video in your camera roll immersive 3D.

I’m watching a video of my toddler [in Elsewhere], shot just a few weeks ago, eating breakfast in his highchair. It’s just another iPhone video shot on just another day. But re-watching it now, his rounded cheeks bubble up from the screen. His hair glistens with a quality of light that’s just not there in reproductions. And a bit of yogurt sticks to his lips, so real, so visceral, that I remember 3D video at its best is second only to real life.

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Try watching: Your own memories, baby videos, GoPro footage, video from the Internet.

Other features:

  • Pinch to zoom in/out
  • Swipe to move between videos in your camera roll
  • Low latency head tracking lets you turn your head to look around

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