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RESULTS. Probiotics have been shown to promote long term digestive and immune health. Equilibrium is the world’s highest strain count probiotic, and so might address more intestinal tract issues than any other probiotic. Our once daily, highly viable organisms blossom deep in your GI Tract where needed most.

DIGESTION. Our enteric, targeted release capsules are kosher and vegetarian, having a billion colony forming units with the potential to relieve stomach sensitivity. Complete digestion means your food may be more bioavailable, so your whole body benefits. Replenish beneficial flora to help optimize digestion, lessen minor digestive discomfort, and promote relief from bloating, gas, and irregularity. If you are dysbiotic, you will likely know it!

Valentino White Satchel White Leather Valentino Leather Satchel Satchel White Valentino Leather MOOD. Equilibrium is formulated to grow a healthy microbiome within the gut microenvironment in order to promote complete digestion for the relaxed sensation of health rather than the jitters associated with caffeine. Better nutrition means you can finally feel like your happy, energetic, and vibrant self!

White Satchel Valentino Satchel Leather Valentino White Leather White Valentino Satchel Leather WELLNESS You’ve heard that the majority of all disease begins in the colon. 70% of your immune system is in your gut. In with the good; out with the bad!

IMMUNITY. Replenish beneficial bacteria to optimize your immune health. With 115 strains, our living organisms reach your bowels to support the normal proliferation of beneficial bacteria. Symbiotes like this have been correlated with improved immune response. Allergies? Illness? It might not cure the common cold, but it’s worth a shot!

WEIGHT. New studies show that gut microflora may improve your metabolism and accelerate fat loss. Put your gut back into balance to control your appetite so your waistline can follow. EQ microbes can improve bioavailability and absorption.

ATHLETICS Fatigue and irritability are often a result of vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. Good microbes can improve bioavailability and absorption. EQ could boost your energy levels and optimize your workout recovery time for more muscle mass.

Why Probiotics?

The Story. The fruits and vegetables available in stores today aren't like the ones our grandparents consumed — they've been sterilized to increase shelf life, stripping them of the beneficial microbes our ancestors took for granted. On average, westernized humans have less than half as many digestive strains as their rural counterparts.

The Science. General Biotics' Equilibrium restores these missing microbes. Inspired by our founder's work on the NIH's Human Microbiome Project (a $115 million dollar census of humanity's gut flora), we identified the strain groups commonly missing from westernized digestive systems, then worked backwards to find food-sourced strains to provide the missing function.

The Result. is Equilibrium, a product which provides a constant influx of the probiotics your digestion is likely missing.


White Valentino Leather Valentino White Satchel Satchel Valentino Leather Leather Satchel White What is complete digestion like?

Relief. You'll notice less bloating, less gas, and less upset.

Nutritious. You'll get more from the food you eat. The effects of this increased nutrition are similar to the difference between a full night's sleep and missing an hour or two — you'll feel more alert, but with the relaxed sensation of health rather than the jitters of caffeine.

Transparent. If you are currently managing digestion issues, you'll be glad to notice your mind focus on more meaningful topics: your work, family, and friends.

Complete Digestion? Try Equilibrium today!

Equilibrium 3-Pack

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3-Pack Equilibrium Probiotic - 90 Daily Capsules with Prebiotic - Highest Strain Count in the World – Effective Easy to Swallow Time Release Probiotic Supplement - 115-Strains

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