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Fernando Pessoa and the Magician Aleister Crowley

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The documents in this lot were assembled and organised by the heirs of Fernando Pessoa; their central characters are Fernando Pessoa and the English Magician Aleister Crowley.
The relationship between the two, dates back to, 18 November 1929 when Fernando Pessoa made contact with Mandrake Press (Aleister Crowley’s International Editor) intending to buy some of the magician’s publications. This direct contact was the result of a letter from Fernando Pessoa, dated 4 December, 1929 in which he dares to correct the horoscope published in the book, “The Confessions of Aleister Crowley”: Se tiverem, como provavelmente têm, oportunidade de comunicar com o Sr. Aleister Crowley, talvez possam informá-lo de que o seu horóscopo não está correcto e que, se ele admite que nasceu às 23h.16m.39s. de 12 de Outubro de 1875, tera Carneiro 11 no seu meio-céu, com o correspondente ascendente e cúspides.[...] Isto é mera especulação, claro, e peço desculpa de vos maçar com esta intromissão puramente fantasista no que é, afinal de contas, apenas uma carta comercial. De V. Exas. Atentamente, Fernando Pessoa, translation from the book Encontro Magick, de Fernando Pessoa, e Aleister Crowley, Compilações e Considerações by Miguel Roza.

During approximately 2 years, Fernando Pessoa and Aleister Crowley (as well as his assistants and his lover) exchanged about seventy three letters. Some of these letters were about business matters (the opening of a branch of Aleister Crowley’s Publishing Company in Lisbon was being planned), and a few on Aleister Crowley’s simulated “suicide” at Boca do Inferno in Cascais, an incident which inspired Fernando Pessoa to write several versions of an unfinished mystery novel. The last letter exchanged between Fernando Pessoa and Crowley was dated 29 November, 1931.


First Part (letters):
Original handwritten and typewritten letters by Fernando Pessoa, Aleister Crowley, Augusto Ferreira Gomes, Israel Regardie, Karl Germer, Marcelle Noel and Hanni Larissa Jaeger.
From Fernando Pessoa to A. Crowley: 20 letters
From Fernando Pessoa to Mandrake Press: 7 letters
From Fernando Pessoa to Ferreira Gomes: 6 letters
From Fernando Pessoa to I. Regardie: 5 letters
From Fernando Pessoa to K. Germer: 1 letter
From Fernando Pessoa to Marcelle Noel: 1 letter
From A. Aleister Crowley to Fernando Pessoa: 20 letters
From Mandrake Press to Fernando Pessoa: 8 letters
From Ferreira Gomes to Fernando Pessoa: 8 letters
From I. Regardie to Fernando Pessoa: 6 letters
From Hanni L. Jaeger to Fernando Pessoa: 3 letters
From K. Germer to Fernando Pessoa: 2 letters
From Aleister Crowley to Major Pellen: 1 letter
Letter from Aleister Crowley to Miss Hanni L. Jaeger: 1 letter

Second Part (different texts):
- two texts typewritten by Fernando Pessoa (eleven pages) – the complete narrative of Aleister Crowley’s suicide describing his connection with the Magician and the events that took place in Portugal, which were meant to be conveyed to the press. The news was published in “Diário de Notícias” newspaper and “Notícias Ilustrado” on 5 October, 1930. Handwritten annotations.
- one text (four typewritten pages + two pages with several handwritten annotations) by Fernando Pessoa, structured as an interview to himself on the issue of “Aleister Crowley foi Assassinado? - Um novo aspecto do caso da Boca do Inferno” later published by Girassol weekly newspaper.
- two handwritten pages (front and back) by Fernando Pessoa with annotations and drafts on the preparation of Ferreira Gomes’ visit to Boca do Inferno.
- one typewritten text by Fernando Pessoa (six pages long) with handwritten annotations «Translation from Notícias Ilustrado, issue of four (nominally five) October 1930» intended for Aleister Crowley. It includes the 2nd typewritten copy, also with six pages and with handwritten annotations.
- one page typewritten on one side only with the “translation of Miss Jaeger’s letter – Berlin, 14 October, 1930.”
- one page typewritten with handwritten annotations (written on both sides) by Fernando Pessoa “Translation (line by line) from the Portuguese”.
- one typewritten (seven-paged) text with handwritten annotations by Fernando Pessoa “The Mystery of Boca do Inferno” (page one in duplicate).
- one typewritten text with annotations by Fernando Pessoa (five pages) entitled “H.Q.”.
- one handwritten page by Fernando Pessoa.

ILUSTRATION:Aleister Crowley’s ‘suicide’ letter addressed to Miss Hanni L. Jaeger and signed Tu Li Yu, the name of a Chinese wise man (3321 A.C.) whom Crowley believed he was a reincarnation of. «I cannot live without you. The other “Boca do Inferno” (Hell’s Mouth) will get me – it will not be as hot as yours. Hisos!» On the back there are notes about this story’s plot.

Third part (The Story):
Mystery Novel: «A Boca do Inferno». Original handwritten and typewritten documents by Fernando Pessoa, with excerpts intended for the foreword and for different chapters of the publication. It includes: illustrations’ index, various summaries of the novel’s chapters and options for the foreword.

Twenty four handwritten pages – ink (17), pencil (7); forty-five typewritten sheets of paper – fifty-three pages; thirteen typewritten/ handwritten sheets of paper - twenty pages; ten typewritten and annotated sheets of paper – twelve pages. Page dimensions: 27 x 20 cm.

Forth part (Additional items):
- six Astrological Charts by Fernando Pessoa (five in ink and drawn with a compass; one in pencil).
- three photographs with annotations and bearing a Censor stamp (photograph of Aleister Crowley’s cigarette box left at Boca do Inferno and found by the journalist Ferreira Gomes, photograph of Aleister Crowley, farewell letter and envelope addressed to Hanni “Boca do Inferno”).
- two copies of Notícias Ilustrado - O mistério da Boca do Inferno
- four copies of Détective (three copies of no. 103 – L’énigme de la bouche D’enfer; one copy of no. 27 – Un mage indésirable)
- one clipping from Oxford Mail - Aleister Crowley Murdered
- one (five-paged) typewritten text with a memorandum for a partnership with Aleister Crowley (LTD.).
- one clipping from “Oxford Mail” dated 15 October, 1930, entitled Aleister Crowley Murdered.
- Notes by Aleister Crowley on Hotel l’Europe, Lisbon, letterheaded paper. two pages. Undated.
- one dispatch receipt for a telegram sent to Marcelle Noel.
- one handwritten sheet of paper by Fernando Pessoa (?) - Annotations.
- one dispatch receipt for a telegram sent to Ferreira Gomes. By Rebelo. 13 November, 1930.

- Aleister Crowley [1875-1947] was born in the United Kingdom. He was an occultist, a writer, a poet, and a painter, among other occupations.
- Augusto Ferreira Gomes [1892-1953] was born in Lisbon. He was a journalist, a writer and a great friend of Fernando Pessoa.
- Francis Israel Regardie [1907-1985] was born in the United Kingdom. She had a degree in visual arts and became Aleister Crowley’s assistant.
- Karl Germer [1886-1962] was born in Germany. He was one of Aleister Crowley’s editors and followers.
- Hanni Larissa Jaeger (Anu) was Aleister Crowley’s lover. She accompanied him during his visit to Portugal in 1930.
- Major Penn was in the military service and he was Aleister Crowley’s chess partner.

PROVENANCE: From the estates of Fernando Pessoa´s heirs. DIMENSIONS: 25.5 x 20.2 cm. and 21.8 x 14 cm. sheets